Your media coverage deserves to be valued...


Sheer dashboards, our studies help with communication and marketing investments' arbitration:

  • What is your Return On Investment?
  • Are your results increasing?
  • Did you reach your objectives?
  • Did your launches get the media coverage you expected?
  • Which media support renders the best ratio between publicity investment and that media's specific return?
  • Which type of media platform (Press, Web, Radio or TV) appeals best to your target audience?


For an optimal and efficient quantitative analysis, and a better understanding of your whole media exposure, we set up qualitative analysis of your company’s image or products. To get the most precise study of journalists’ interpretation of the information you provide, we enhance:

  • Your current events, affairs
  • Tackled themes
  • Key-words
  • Article tone (positive, neutral or negative)
  • The respect of your press release message


We also offer a study of your positioning to define your place facing concurrence. These comparative studies, exhaustive or focused, enable the best comprehension of your results among competitors.

  • What are the main brands/products competitors by countries?
  • How did they launch the product? When? What are their added values if there are (promotional offer, gifts, choice of the campaign’s face/ambassador or any other buzz around it)
  • Where is your company the most performing?
  • What is your advertisement investment/media coverage ratio compared to competitors?

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