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We are dedicated to provide you with all our experience and tools to support you in a daily management of your media publications.


By combining monitoring, analysis and media reviews, we can easily evaluate the impact of your visibility at 360°, analyze the performance of your PR and influence actions, sharpening your strategic decisions.

360-degree media studies

Your media impact decoded in real time with EMetrics

Our passionate team puts all its know-how to provide exhaustive and made to measure studies.

Our expertise in the media, combined with our extensive knowledge of the various geographic markets and of the sector of our clientele is one strength of our agency.

By combining your print, digital, audiovisual and social network publications, our studies are real management tools enabling you to grasp your media coverage and all its specificities.

Thanks to EMetrics, our data visualization space, you can decode your insights at a glance and follow the evolution of your visibility in real time.

ROI Media Studies

Evaluate your impact in the media continuously or following a product launch, a new collection, an event…

We then create an objective and complete report by putting in perspective the key data of your publications, their Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) and their Earned Media Value (EMV).

Keep an eye on your KPIs:

  • Number of publications, visuals & videos, page surface
  • Editorial value in €
  • Breakdown by country, titles & media ecosystems
  • Chronology, journalists, type of publication, tone…
Competitor Studies

Measure and identify your position as compared to your competitors.

We create targeted benchmarks that integrate the results of your competitors and comparative data. Our rankings defined according to several KPIs will enlighten you in a relevant way.

Compare the PR performances of your competitors:

  • Is their media coverage more impactful?
  • What is the focus of their communication strategy?
  • Is their presence more effective within the same media?
Qualitative Studies

For a better understanding of your media exposure, entrust us with a thorough study of your publications. Our editorial summaries will underline the important points of your media coverage in a nuanced and convincing way in order to give you the essential information.

Combining a global approach, contextualization, journalists’ perception, semantic analysis & numerical data, we will highlight these different indicators:

  • Messages conveyed
  • Main topics discussed
  • Repetition of keywords
  • Tone of articles

Digital studies

Measure your impact

On a constant basis, for a product launch or an event, our digital analysis allows you to access trends and key figures of your digital and social media visibility in real time.


How are your communication and your events perceived and conveyed on social media? What is the share of voice of medias, journalists, influencers and partnerships? Who generated the most engagement and impressions?


Digital & Social Listening

Thanks to our digital international listening tools, we follow and keep track of all your current topics. Our very precise setting allows an optimal capture of all the publications.

We can also set up a sectoral or competitive watch.

Our monitoring services include:

  • A number of keywords and hashtags in many languages
  • The integration of a list of guests, influencers & medias
  • Competitive analysis
  • Tracking Instagram stories
Digital Studies

Evaluate in real time the impact of your digital communication actions on online media, blogs and social networks.

Our comprehensive reports will allow you to quickly visualize your main KPIs, their progression, and many relevant data.

Keeping an eye on your KPIs:

  • Volume of publications, reach, & engagement
  • Earned Media Value (EMV), Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)
  • Timeline, language ranking and location
  • Breakdown by type of social network
  • Identifying influencers
  • Selection of the most impactful publications
Influencers Report

Adapt your influence marketing strategy thanks to our reports by platform: Instagram, Facebook, Weibo…

Identify the type of current and potential influencers, their profile and community; measure their performance, publication volume and quality of engagement.

What impact do they have on your global communication?

  • How are your influencers performing?
  • On which social platforms and using which content?
  • Who are your brand ambassadors, journalists, celebrities?
  • Who are your competitors’ influencers?

Media reviews

Highlight and share your publications with EMedia Review

We have developed our first tool entirely dedicated to the creation and distribution of media reviews; EMedia Review.

Highlight your publications and distribute them to your teams. View all publications from the same media ecosystem (print, web, social networks) at a glance. Discover interactive content; videos, slideshows, integration of social media posts, intuitive navigation of web publications…

With EMedia Review, we offer media reviews tailored to your brand identity.

For a perfect integration with your studies, you can also find the KPIs associated with each publication directly within your review.


There is nothing quite like the charm of paper for you? We also create media reviews in hard copy and premium book.