Are the media speaking positively about your brand?


You are mentioned in the press and on social media! But are the media speaking positively about your brand?

When evaluating the impact of your media visibility, you might be tempted to focus primarily on the number of mentions, sometimes at the expense of other indicators. For instance, your event, product, or collection might be widely discussed. However, this can quickly turn into bad buzz if the mentions are negative. In this article, we discuss a sometimes underestimated indicator: tonality.



Analyzing the polarity of social media


Some sophisticated monitoring tools analyze the sentiment of social media posts. To do so, they use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. This analysis determines whether a post is generally positive, negative, or neutral by taking its context into account. Some monitoring tools provide this service in over a hundred languages!

More specifically, this feature allows you to identify a spike in negative mentions that might indicate an imminent bad buzz. This way, you can take appropriate actions to limit its spread and manage the crisis before it is too late.

Beyond the simple positive/negative dichotomy, other KPIs are essential for a thorough analysis, such as reach or engagement. Cross-referencing data can help you answer questions that will guide your communication strategy. Are posts from influential accounts positive or negative? Do negative posts go viral? By identifying dominant trends, you can determine if a real bad buzz is developing or if it is just a few isolated haters.



Analyzing the sentiment of your broadcast, print and web coverage


At Estimation Media, we also analyze the tone of your print, online, television, and radio coverage. To offer you comprehensive insights, we run sentiment analysis for your worldwide publications. Our extensive language panel ranges from French to Chinese and Korean…

Our comprehensive 360-degree view enables you to explore your data multidimensionally and analyze your visibility with nuance.

How was your collaboration with this personality perceived in Japan compared to France? How was your latest collection received by major press titles versus on social media?



Who are we?


Tonality and other media impact indicators hold no secrets for us!

Specializing in enhancing your visibility both in France and internationally, our agency supports companies of all sizes in their communication strategies. We conduct comprehensive media reviews and multidimensional media studies tailored to your brand. Our goal? To equip you with all the valuable data needed for your future strategic decisions.

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