360-degree media studies

Do you want to measure and assess your impact in the media in France or abroad?

At a glance, our studies will give you the key elements to embrace your press, internet, audiovisual and social media visiblity.

Find all your data, KPIs and personalized reports on our dedicated live data visualization space: EMetrics.


Digital & influence

We offer real-time monitoring and targeted analysis to measure your brand’s digital performance in the context of a launch, an event or on a regular basis.

Identify your influencers, track your stories, decode your insights and adapt your social media strategy.

Our digital studies evaluate your online presence on all international social media networks.


Media reviews

Highlight your global visibility with EMedia Review!

Thanks to our specialized tool, we can produce media reviews tailored to your visual identity.

The integration of interactive content as well as the KPIs associated with your publications will allow an optimized and enhanced reading experience for your teams.

Always on the move? The mobile version allows you to access all your media reviews wherever you are.


What we are

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