[EMonthly #1] EMy’s 2022 Predictions

10 January 2022

The Estimation Média team wishes you a happy new year! We hope health and success will be right around the corner.

EMy offers you a preview into the coming year and announces her predictions. What to expect for the media and advertising world in 2022? Discover our selection of articles and terms to (re)discover to fully master today’s and tomorrow’s concepts.

Would you like to know what’s on the menu? The evolution of traditional media in the context of digital transformation, the complex issue of data collection and management, interrelationship between media and e-commerce, and, last but not least, social media content strategies.

Enjoy the reading as well as the new year!


Social Commerce

The term social commerce was coined from the contraction of social media and e-commerce. It refers to a user experience free of intermediaries between the user’s first exposure to the product on social media and purchase. An example to illustrate this trend? Instagram Shopping.

Retail Media

These advertising opportunities are offered by retailers who tend to establish their own media and become full-blown e-commerce networks. Their goal? Bring out value from the precious data collected from their CRM, and, more and more, e-commerce.

3rd-Party Data

First-party data are collected directly by a company. They can be declarative or behavioral. When sold, they become second-party data. When aggregators buy and cross-reference them, they become third-party data.


Outlook 2022: What We Can Expect From Advertising & Media

“In 2022 the ad market is expected to continue its bull run post-pandemic. Cord cutting casualties will result in few sports cables networks closing shop. The first major merger in the streaming wars is scheduled to happen. Local stations will continue their roll-out of NEXTGEN TV.”

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Social Media Trends 2022 Summary

Social’s changing. Fast. Customer care is red-hot, social commerce is booming, and TikTok can’t be ignored. Getting lost is easy.

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