How to measure the success of a collaboration with an influencer?

The use of influencer marketing in all its forms is now an integral part of brand communication strategies. From the choice of a brand ambassador, to the preparation of a guest list for an event to collaborations with influencers, the incarnation of your brand is an essential part of your communication strategy.


Several studies have investigated the positive impact of the presence of physical people in visuals and videos posted on social media on engagement rate. However, this is not a new trend. Whether we are talking about social networks or print, embodiment is the norm.  It is clear that most magazines have already chosen to feature individuals rather than landscapes or inanimate objects on their covers for decades.


But how do you choose your representatives? And above all, how do you measure the effect of this choice on your brand’s communication?


The response in two words: Media research!


It allows you to identify qualitative or quantitative elements that will allow you to understand your visibility and your competitors better. In this article, we will focus on calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your communication. In fact, thanks to the method of valuation of your publications based on the advertising equivalence (AVE), you can determine the amount you would have spent to occupy the same space within the media.


Let’s take an example. Your new collaboration with a fashion influencer has attracted the interest of Madame Figaro, which has devoted a full page to the operation. Using the AVE valuation method, you get a valuation of €37,000. Let’s say your investment for this collaboration is €20,000, then your ROI will be 85%.


Calculating your ROI is essential, but depending on the initial objective of your campaign, the KPIs you focus on may vary. Media research allows you to integrate a large number of criteria:


  • Reach: How many people were reached by your campaign?
  • The number of engagements on social media: Did the posts about the operation create a buzz?
  • The tone: Was the reception of the campaign positive, negative, neutral?


Estimation Média carries out 360° media studies for emerging brands as well as for major international companies. From the definition of research objectives based on your products to the choice of the most relevant KPIs for your campaigns, our studies are fully customisable.


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