EMV, AVE… How to use media impact measurement indicators?

Small and large companies rely on media relations and influencers to ensure their visibility. Press and influence managers work hard to ensure that the brand or celebrity they represent makes the front page of magazines, creates a buzz on social networks, in short, gains visibility, “earned media”.

However, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of this long-term work and to estimate the return on investment. This is where media impact indicators such as EMV or AVE come into play…



AVE, EMV, what is it?


A.V.E. stands for Advertising Value Equivalency and corresponds to a monetary value calculated from the advertising rates of a medium. This refers to the occupation of a space, a surface, a time slot… In a nutshell, it is the budget you would have spent through advertising.


E.M.V., for Earned Media Value, also aims to give a monetary value to earned media but is based on a different calculation method.

To evaluate it, several parameters are integrated:

– Reach; Based on an estimate of unique impressions, this indicator corresponds to a reduced percentage of the audience (i.e., most often, the number of followers). As each algorithm has its own specificities, this percentage varies according to the distribution platform and the type of publication. It aims to give a figure that is representative of the reality of the number of people reached by the content.

– Engagements; Understand the number of likes, comments, shares and any other interaction with the content…


Estimation Media uses the Ayzenberg method to calculate EMV. This means that each person reached and each type of engagement is assigned a fixed monetary value that varies by platform and type of publication. For example, the view of an Instagram story is not worth the view of a YouTube video.



Which method to choose?


As you can see, these indicators are two different valuation methods, each with its own advantages and limitations.

The AVE is ideal for measuring your ROI. To do this, you simply value your earned media and relate it to the amount invested to obtain it. Keep in mind, however, that an organic article will always have an intrinsic value that distinguishes it from advertising!

However, it is difficult to apply the AVE principle to social networks. Indeed, even if most media offer rates for the diffusion of posts or stories via their account, prices are more variable on the influence side. It would be a shame to exclude the impact of nano-influencers on the grounds that they do not offer advertising rates.

For this reason, Media Estimation uses the AVE method to value press, web-editorial and audiovisual content, and the EMV method for social network content.



What are the limits of this practice?


Although EMV is a popular way of valuing social networks, it must be handled with care: depending on the platforms and social listening tools, the percentages and fixed monetary values applied may differ, thus making the results vary. To overcome this problem, Estimation Media centralises data from different platforms in order to offer you consolidated results at 360°.

Finally, the MVE is to be considered as a “super-indicator” aggregating many different KPIs. This represents an opportunity for marketers: to visualise at a glance the global results of a campaign or an influencer, and to compare them with their own campaigns and those of their competitors.

However, the use of EMV must be complemented by other indicators in order to evaluate the impact of a strategy, to identify the success factors and weak signals. Did my campaign have more reach than the competition? How was the content received?


Estimation Média carries out 360° tailor-made media studies. We specialise in decoding your visibility, measuring your performance through AVE, EMV and many other KPIs and qualitative data that will provide you with a detailed and multidimensional analysis of your impact.


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How to measure the success of a collaboration with an influencer?

The use of influencer marketing in all its forms is now an integral part of brand communication strategies. From the choice of a brand ambassador, to the preparation of a guest list for an event to collaborations with influencers, the incarnation of your brand is an essential part of your communication strategy.


Several studies have investigated the positive impact of the presence of physical people in visuals and videos posted on social media on engagement rate. However, this is not a new trend. Whether we are talking about social networks or print, embodiment is the norm.  It is clear that most magazines have already chosen to feature individuals rather than landscapes or inanimate objects on their covers for decades.


But how do you choose your representatives? And above all, how do you measure the effect of this choice on your brand’s communication?


The response in two words: Media research!


It allows you to identify qualitative or quantitative elements that will allow you to understand your visibility and your competitors better. In this article, we will focus on calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your communication. In fact, thanks to the method of valuation of your publications based on the advertising equivalence (AVE), you can determine the amount you would have spent to occupy the same space within the media.


Let’s take an example. Your new collaboration with a fashion influencer has attracted the interest of Madame Figaro, which has devoted a full page to the operation. Using the AVE valuation method, you get a valuation of €37,000. Let’s say your investment for this collaboration is €20,000, then your ROI will be 85%.


Calculating your ROI is essential, but depending on the initial objective of your campaign, the KPIs you focus on may vary. Media research allows you to integrate a large number of criteria:


  • Reach: How many people were reached by your campaign?
  • The number of engagements on social media: Did the posts about the operation create a buzz?
  • The tone: Was the reception of the campaign positive, negative, neutral?


Estimation Média carries out 360° media studies for emerging brands as well as for major international companies. From the definition of research objectives based on your products to the choice of the most relevant KPIs for your campaigns, our studies are fully customisable.


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[EMonthly #5] A day with the team

Summer is almost here! Yet, time has flown by at Estimation Média. As you know, this semester has been rich in innovation with the launch of EMetrics, the new version of EMedia Review and so much more… 

Spring has sprung and it is definitely appropriate to say Estimation Média embraced the spirit of the season. A new offer has emerged. New projects have blossomed. 

Behind the scenes too, our practices have evolved to adopt a new form of modernity. While remaining true to the unique values of a human-scale company, this year, Estimation Média has big aspirations for you, our clients, and our team. 

For this issue of EMonthly, EMy shares the spotlight with her colleagues. Meet us and spend a day in the life of the Estimation Média team…

9AM – The electric way

At 9 o’clock, the team gets on its way to work… using electric power!

Whether we get around by bicycle or by scooter, we are committed to sustainability and staying true to our Parisian identity! To make it official, we even joined the Angell Bike community. We have our own electric bicycle to climb up Saint Lazare’s uphill roads.

Keep your eyes on the road and try not to be distracted by EMedia Review’s mobile version while behind the handlebar!

10AM – Work at… WeWork

10 o’clock: time to dive into work! We catch up on your latest clippings, monitor the visibility of your current events and analyze your media impact… all from our WeWork office !

You got it, this is THE most important change this month.

Studious environment, engaging meeting spaces; we have everything we could dream of to welcome both our team and our clients!

Everybody immediately felt at home! Maybe the rooftop has something to do with it?

1PM – Pilates break

Would you like some pilates with your lunch?

It is a big YES for the team! We were not going to let go of our sports years, weren’t we?

A good lunch, a few pilates poses… and we are back for the rest of the day feeling bright and fresh to analyze your data and provide you with insights on your 360-degree media studies.

7PM – Happy hour

As the day comes to an end, it is time to get together and celebrate a birthday, some good news or simply a productive day. Here we are – almost all there !

This is also an opportunity to discuss tomorrow and prepare what is next… Would you like a preview of what’s coming? Let’s say we are very in touch with our digital side at the moment… We won’t say anything more!

Though we love digital communication, there is nothing better than a conversation! 

Contact us and ask for an appointment. The Estimation Média team will be delighted to answer your questions and draft you an estimate for an offer tailored to your needs.